Addiction to Social Networking Sites

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This chapter presents the Background of the Study, the Statement of the Problem, the Significance of the Study and its Scope and Delimitation.

Background of the Study Every person has his or her own habitual activities. But sometimes, without them noticing, the usual habits become addictions. Addiction is any activity continuously done by an individual without control.
An addict or a person addicted to something will not end his day without satisfying his addiction. They will do whatever it takes to satisfy that need. It’s really difficult to stop addiction. Once you already have that one thing you’re addicted to, it’s hard to ignore the need, much more, stopping causes adverse effects. For example, a man
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This was more common among boys than girls. Girls preferred to use these sites in order to maintain contacts with actual friends rather than making new ones. Furthermore, half of the teenagers visited their SNS at least once a day, which is indicative of the fact that in order to keep an attractive profile, frequent visits are necessary and this is a factor that facilitates potential excessive use.
ICCT Colleges students, particularly the freshmen, being well informed about these social networking sites, also visit them. That’s why the researchers like to know how these sites like Facebook and Twitter affect them and how many of them are already addicted to those sites.
The researchers believe that every kind of addiction must need proper observation and solution whenever found unhealthy to a person. Through the conduct of this study, the researchers would like to uncover the effects of addiction to social networking sites and see it on a broader and much larger view.

Statement of the Problem This study will be conducted to understand the effects of addiction to social networking sites of ICCT freshman students. It specifically aims to find answers to the following questions: 1. What are the effects of addiction to social networking sites to the freshman students? 2. How will it affect the students when it comes to their: a. Study habits b. Relationships c. Mood 3. What causes addiction to social networking sites? 4. Will there be any
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