Addiction to Video Games Essay

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Addiction to Video Games Imagine entering a world where you can kill everyone in sight and be killed while not being hurt in real life. You enter the battle arena armed with just a handgun and your fists. As you start walking around, you suddenly see a man turn the corner aiming his shotgun barrel right between your eyes. You follow your instincts and strafe around him while shooting him with your handgun. The handgun suddenly runs out of bullets and you are forced to charge him with your fists while he is trying to blow your head off with his shotgun. He succeeds in hitting you twice in the arms with his shotgun, but you reach him in time to deliver one last powerful blow to his neck to kill him.…show more content…
This is what leads many college students to play video games instead of completing homework assignments. Working-class people are also easily stressed out because many jobs require more effort than what most people can handle. These people might still be new to their job and haven't fully adapted to their new lifestyle. On the other hand, they might be veterans in their field of work and have grown bored of the same repetitive work. Another factor that relates to stress is aggression. Young adults generally do not know how to properly manage stress and instead turn to aggression as a solution. By playing violent video games, these people can channel their stress into a virtual world where their aggression won't hurt anyone in real life. Some factors that influence younger children to play video games include boredom, curiosity, and peer pressure. Many elementary school and middle school students aren't assigned that much homework and therefore have hours of free time everyday after school. Many of these children play video games to pass the time away between doing homework and going to sleep. Other children who watch their friends play these types of games become curious and want to try the game out for themselves. This is also similar to peer pressure. Anyone who plays these types of video games will no doubt try to influence all their friends
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