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Addiction Movie Analysis Ashley Mcfarland SCI/163 Monday August 23, 2015 DENNY MELINE Addictions of a Pilot (Flight) Imagine this being your first time on a plane. You’re already nervous and uncomfortable. You hear babies crying, people having small arguments, and the last thing you need to know is the Pilot is drunk and high off of cocaine. Imagine not knowing that the pilot of the plane could seriously put your life in danger due to his selfishness. Would you believe that it was the pilots fault or a technical issue? All of these things will prance your mind as you glide through the air with a closed conscious. Addiction can get the best of people even when they mean good. Captain Whip Suffered from 3…show more content…
I would have asked him to stop drinking and start to look at the people he was hurting including himself. I would have asked him question about the outcome of everything once it started to affect his body. He put a lot of people’s lives on the line when he poured more alcohol into the bottle. He showed a weak state and that seemed to be his daily routine. Nothing really mattered anymore until things started to crash down on him. He probably started off as a drinker, but as time progressed his body gotten immune to the alcohol. After the alcohol, he couldn’t really help himself so he went to another drug that would cope that feeling. It affects everyone differently and they can only be the person to change those habits. I feel that once you start one thing you start to pick up others. When you don’t have mind control over yourself you start to get weak and seek things out the easy way. Captain Whip wasn’t in fault for the plane crashing but with him deciding to drink and use drugs it affected his whole career. Whip let these issues get the best of him and realized when things had to come to an end. Whip tried to control his addictions 7 days before his testimony and he failed himself. When things like this happens that’s when drug addiction camp comes a long and rehab. He was sentenced to jail time and over the year he had become sober. He had to face the truth in order for him to actually help himself. References
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