Addicts Who Abused Meth Abuse

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This was a very informative and a really powerful documentary about addicts who abused meth. I found it very shocking that meth was ranked the number one crime problem in America today (Yates, 2011). Also, another surprising fact was that so many people in Montana were using meth so frequently. In this video it explained “Montana ranks second in the nation for teenage and adult meth abuse” (Yates, 2011). I also had this surprise when I first went to Hawaii in 2009 and there were many commercials and signs to “stop the abuse of meth”. Also, I know that Las Vegas has a high number of users as well.

I found this documentary to be very sad to watch and I could see how this drug can really destroy the addict’s life and those around them as well. Some of the themes that I saw within this video were feelings of shame/guilt, hating themselves, confusion, using meth to self-medicate, and giving into peer pressure. I also noticed many addicts not wanting to use the drug anymore, but still continuing to do so and feeling a loss of control in their lives overall. Meth was referred to as the “devil” and I can see why many people would say that because it can destroy every aspect of your life if you abuse it.

Meth is an amphetamine and a central nervous system stimulant meaning it is an upper (Inaba & Cohen, 2014). It increases respiration, heart rate, motor activity, and alertness (Fisher & Harrison, 2013). This type of drug leads to euphoria feelings by stimulating the reward center…
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