Adding Value to the End of the Transport and Logistics Chain

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Adding value to the end of the transport and logistics chain Thesis statement: Bearing the continued diversification of the client needs and integration prompted by globalization, there is an immediate need to add value to the existing transport and logistics chain, particularly on the side of the receiving clients. 1. What is the goal of this paper? The transport industry has been around for decades now and as the technology changes and globalization intensifies, the pressure and demand on the transport industry keeps building as well as the competition therein. This calls for a revolution in the way the transport industry carries out their services particularly at the end of the chain which often is at the doorstep of the client. This paper will identify the key value additions that can be implemented at the end of the chain. It will also show the new ways of handling goods in a more efficient and affordable manner that will leave the receiver of the goods much more satisfied with the service than the contemporary approach. It will also identify and highlight the specific concerns or areas of concern by the receiver of goods that would make them more satisfied with the transport services offered since currently more attention is skewed towards satisfying the sender who pays for the service. 2. What do I already know about my topic? Being that I have been a frequent sender of parcels as well as receiving numerous parcels, I am a first hand witness to the few

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