Adding Value to the Organization

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Alicia F. Lopez
MGT 407
Module 1 Case Assignment
Dr. Peggy Swigart

With the shift of the industrial age to the information age came a new era of managers that need to be in tune with what is happening in the organization and what is happening on the management levels. HR’s are sought after as the professionals that can help influence organizational strategies and also they can support top managers in accomplishing their goals. Therefore, the focus of human resource influence on organizational strategy lies in the wise mans words of “If you don’t know where you are going, how will you know how to get there?” In other words, human resource influences organizational strategy by planning in a variety of ways.
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Neiman is clearly saying that as an HR those tasks must be broken down in to order of significance and priority. Second, Neiman says, “Help the manager focus on some specific, short-term projects. These can be 30-, 60 or 100 day projects that are relatively easy to do and can be learning experiences” (Neiman & Siddik, Canadian HR Reporter) Again management positions are multi task jobs, and breaking things down in to the simplest forms can help accomplish the overall goals and missions. Similar to breaking down goals into smaller more achievable goals. Third, Neiman says, “Provide rigorous support to help managers tackle the short-term projects to learn the basic disciplines of proper execution” (Neiman & Siddik, Canadian HR Reporter). Rigorous support can also be termed training and development, and is essential to building a strong team that can accomplish even the most difficult goals And last, Neiman says, “Be sure reward processes are in place to recognize people for their successes” (Neiman & Siddik, Canadian HR Reporter). No goal is accomplished without the people putting ideas in to action. This is a major contributor in supporting manager to accomplish goals. Never let the people who do the work go unrecognized or un-rewarded. Neiman and Siddik’s four major points to accomplishing goals covers some of the basic ways in which HR supports managers in accomplishing their goals.
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