Additionally, The Structure And Material Deliberated In

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Additionally, the structure and material deliberated in Introduction to Ethics, greatly affects the way I judge my classmates. Class discussions require examination of each student’s principles and ideals as they challenged the class to reevaluate some of the moralities we have grown to know. Furthermore, our professor, Doctor Jack Weinstein, has also impacted my judgments. If he strictly taught the class about the philosophers, there would be no discussion and the students would not be engaged or truthfully care about what ancient philosophers have said. However, instead of lecturing to the class, he asks his students to engage in conversation by relating the philosophers’ principles to modern day life through discussion and relevant…show more content…
This may be done by helping the poor or encouraging someone after a bad day. People have the choice to create a life they want to live. They can choose to abide by their passions and desires or by acting just to others by living a moral life. As people, we have the ability to do what we want, however, it is crucial to note that an individual’s actions are a reflection of that person. These obligations are innate in each person and are one aspect of the universal law. However, each person uses these universal laws to decide what values or people they want to further pursue. So that I may judge my classmates accurately, it is important to view various examples of how others’ morality is judged. Throughout Citizen Ruth, Ruth is constantly faced with the decision to abort her baby, to keep the child, or give it up for adoption. Ruth became pregnant from her abusive boyfriend. She is first influenced by pro-life supporters in which they emphasize the baby’s right to live. However, she then becomes influenced by the pro-choice supporters as they highlight that aborting the baby gives Ruth a chance to recover from being an alcohol and drug addict. The pro-life team offers Ruth money and an adoptive family for her baby. In response, the pro-choice team offers Ruth the same amount of money to do what she chooses, so whatever decision she chooses, she will have the same profit. Ruth’s confusion soon becomes a
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