Address Customer Needs-Marketing

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Address Customer Needs
Address Customer Needs

Year 11

Assignment 1
Eco JET Airways

Address Customer Needs
Question 1-
EcoJET airways could target-
Business people- the flights are very suitable for a business person, the timing of the bulk of the flights is typical business hours, the bulk of their flights arriving before 9am and leaving between 5pm and 7pm, therefore they can get their work done during working hours and waste no time at the airport waiting for their flight, if they may have to wait at the airport they can use the business travel lounge facilities. Eco JET also offers the ability to use mobiles throughout the flight and buildings, and also offers live access to the major financial and business pay
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d. There are both advantages and disadvantages of social networking. Social Networking includes sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. These are all places where people may log on and submit a positive/negative comment on their experience and it will immediately be recorded on the site page. This can be a good way to get feedback as people are more likely to log onto the internet as it is easily accessed and convenient. Although these social networks can have their downfalls, one passenger that may have had a bad experience, may make a comment on the network that automatically downgrades the airways reputation.

Question 3- a. To satisfy all their passengers EcoJET could incorporate the carbon offset fee into the flight expenses so that all customers are paying a slight fee without knowing it and to keep those who want to know they have paid the carbon offset fee, they could put it on as an optional extra in the booking process.
Another option with the carbon offset fee is to have it as an option and to reward those who pay it, for example you could offer a bonus such as first to board, better seat choice, first to get off, extra baggage and better in flight service. This would give people an incentive to care for the environment, for an extra $10 or
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