Address To Congress On Women's Suffrage And Pearl Harbor Speech

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Storm Boyett

“Pearl Harbor Address vs Address on Women’s Suffrage”

The authors of the “Pearl Harbor Address to the Nation” and the “Address to Congress on Women’s Suffrage” use the rhetorical appeal of ethos, pathos, and logos to convince Congress to take action. The “Address to Congress on Women’s Suffrage” uses word choice to create guilt in those who oppose women’s suffrage, logic to appeal to the reasoning of the audience, and historical figures to create credibility for the support of women’s suffrage. These techniques enabled the speech to persuade Congress more effectively to take action. It makes the speech more effective overall. Both speeches persuade Congress to take action for the two issues presented, but the “Address to
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The address also says, “It is a death grapple between the forces which deny and those which uphold the truths of the Declaration of Independence.” This passage denounces the people opposing women’s suffrage as not upholding the Declaration of Independence. The author insinuates that the opposing party is unpatriotic and violates the Declaration of Independence. The “Address to Congress on Women’s Suffrage” says, “A theory which prevents a nation from keeping up with the trend of world progress cannot be justified.” This quotation suggests that America will be behind the other democratic countries in the world for not supporting women’s suffrage. This creates guilt in the opposers for the hinderance of America’s progression. The speech also says, “That our nation may resume its world leadership in democracy” when women are allowed to vote. This shows that not allowing women to vote is taking away democracy from America. America is built on democracy, so taking away democracy is taking away America as it is known today. Both speeches effectively persuade through the use of word choice to promote the idea of patriotism. Another similarity between the two speeches is that they are both a call to action. The “Pearl Harbor Address to the Nation” asks that Congress declare a state of war, and the “Address to Congress on Women’s Suffrage” is call to action for Congress to support women’s suffrage. The
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