Addressing Challenges of Groups and Teams

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Addressing Challenges of Groups and Teams
December 10, 2012
LDR 531
Leo Maganares

Which methods will be used to present the operational change?

According to Cummings and Worley (1997) there is a five-phase process for managing change, including: motivating change, creating vision, developing political support, managing the transition, and sustaining momentum. Motivating change involves creating a work environment that embraces change and developing approaches to overcome any resistance to change. The general guidelines include: enlightening members of the organization about the need for change, expressing the current status of the organization and where it should be in the future, and developing realistic approaches to change.
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Lastly, each Supervisor will have a conversation with the team, rolling out the new performance appraisal and how the success of sales will be determined. Coaching and training at the supervisor-employee level will continue from there.

How will group and team collaboration facilitate the success of training?
Many times workplaces establish training programs that are focused on individuals completing the training instead of focusing on team training. With so many changes occurring with the economy and the communication industry it is important to keep the staff informed of changes that are occurring and that the whole team is onboard with new training. When training is focused on team collaboration for the completion of it there are many benefits that will help the team as a whole and the individuals on achieving success with the new material. Some of the benefits that can be noted with team collaboration is increased productivity, better team communication skills, brings the team to focus on the group success rather than just individual, and increases employee engagement. The benefits that come from team collaboration impact training. When there is a strong collaboration the team is united and focused on the goal of the training. Through the collaboration the training material can be discussed and understood by the team as a whole any if any questions come from it they can be answered. Working as a team to complete training is not just a win for the
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