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Addressing Challenges of Groups and Teams Paper Linda Newman LDR/531 Organizational Leadership Instructor: M. Aloysius Simpson August16, 2010 Addressing Challenges of Groups and Teams Paper In any group or team there are always challenges to face but in today’s world, more company’s are moving to group or teams as a way to handle large projects along with promoting more diversity in the workplace. “A group is defined as two or more individual interacting and independent, who have come together to achieve particular objectives” (Stephen Robbins, 2007 p.1). Groups and teams are becoming more popular because the idea is that more heads are better, and the quality of work improves with group and teams working together on a…show more content…
“Conflict is defined as a process when one party perceives that other party as negatively affecting something that the other party cares about.” (Stephen Robbins 2007, pg 1) Conflict has challenges but conflict can be beneficial to a team and can bring out the best in every team member. The benefits can help the team moving in the right direction; conflict allows people to voice their opinions and allows people to grow from conflict. Conflict gets everyone involved and it allows the team to make better choices. Solution to problems comes out of conflict. Conflict can also lead to new ideas and different ways of accomplishing a project. Conflict has benefits but there are also downsizes to conflict if left unattended conflict can destroy a team; it can make people mistrust each other. Conflict can come from not meeting project deadline and from projects going over budget. The training development plan is a start to any team project it helps to alleviate and solves conflict. In any team is to succeed there must be effective communication and collaborations between team members even if part of the team reside in different countries. The training lock at different ways to make a team successful and also the ways the challenges can help or hurt the team. Conflict is a major factor in team failures but if a team has proper leadership and handles conflict effectively conflict
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