Addressing Defective Products

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ABSTRACT One of many things than any manufacturing company will have to worry about is the possibility of producing defective products. If a company finds out that there have been defective products that have been produced and put out into the market it would be in their best interests for the company itself to find out first instead of their consumers. When consumers are the ones to notice first about the defective products, it can make news and the trust and credibility of the company can or will be lost. A few prime examples were when Firestone made headlines about producing defective tires and Toyota made headlines about their vehicles having a bad brake system. The last example would be Microsoft when it came down to their…show more content…
What kind of internal actions would you take to prevent future problems? The first thing that needs to be done is for the company to stop production, distribution and sale of that specific product. Notify any and all retailers, distributors and dealers of the model, serial number and batch. The recall will also need to be publicized with the help of the company's legal counsel and also through the Public Relations Department. A product recall program will need to come in to order and any indication of a defective product will need to be notified to the Consumer Product Safety Commission within 24 hours. We need to be sure what are primary reasons are that will call for a product recall. A couple of reasons could be that new additional research and product testing suggests for a recall or that we have been mandated by agency that we have violated a government act. We as a company may feel that are recall program covers all the bases on what needs to be done if a recall is in order but as surefire and any company may think they're plan is the still needs to be a contingency plan on standby in case things do not go as planned. Doing so, our recall plan can save time and effort on our response time through preplanning for every angle for the foreseen future events or circumstances that could not be predicted with the utmost certainty. With a contingency plan, we will be less likely to duplicate an effort that has already been done which can in turn
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