Addressing High Employee Turnover Rates

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ADDRESSING HIGH EMPLOYEE TURNOVER RATES: A RECOMMENDATION Addressing High Employee Turnover Rates: A Recommendation Ashley M Duncan English 216 DeVry University Online Professor Rojek May 28th, 2015 MEMO TO: Professor Rojek and Class From: Ashley M Duncan FOR: DeVry University Online English 216 SUBJECT: Report on Employee Turnover DATE: June 5, 2015 As requested, I am submitting the attached report titled Addressing High Employee Turnover Rates: A recommendation. This report outlines my examination of existing data concerning employee turnover rates and remedies to help retain high quality employees. This report aims to evaluate reasons for high employee turnover rates and introduce effective counter measures to combat losses. I researched a number of peer journals, scholarly reports, and organizational reviews to complete my analysis. I was able to ascertain a few key elements that have proven to be desirable for employees on all levels and develop a clear understanding of elements that push employees away from an organization. This report uses the data I collected to suggest why employees leave and how to keep them. This project was very enjoyable for me because human resource management is my career path. It is my hope that the impact this report and the data I have collected will have on my future choices will prove to be a leading contribution to my success. Please feel free to reach out to me if you’d like additional details. TABLE OF CONTENTS
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