Addressing Problems Associated By Joe Steven

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Presenting Problems Joe Steven, is reported a continuous and extensive worry about his family responsibilities. The major worry about him is how to meet up with his wife and children’s needs and his mother’s present health condition. He also worried about his children’s school fees, and if they will make it in future or not. Mark started to worry about how to secure his job position, he completely found himself feeling with anxiety. Despite that, he has a good job that pays him well. He reported that the worry and the anxiety has been troubling him for the past 12 months. Since then, he has started felling tiredness, weakness of the muscle tension, difficult in sleeping, difficult in concentrating and focus on his work. The main worry and anxiety is getting worst whenever he received a mail from his children school. He always thinks that the mail he got is about his children’s school fees. Even though, the mail is another activities or his children‘s school performance. Due to his sleeping problem, his wife suggested him to take some work leave so that they will go for vacation in Bermuda. She thinks that changing of the environment and resting will change his husband’s worry and anxiety. When they went to vacation his husband condition still the same. Relevant History Joe, a 53 year- old Hispanic male, from Central Africa. He lives with his wife and his three children. He immigrated to the United States…
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