Addressing Problems Of Urban Communities

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Addressing problems in urban communities should remain first priority. Poverty has been growing faster in many cities throughout America. Residents of poor urban areas face many sets of challenges that our community developers are not addressing that can alleviate issues within urban communities. If we can come together to fight against poverty, we can call for revitalization, we need many more new strategies to tackle problems that aren’t contained. Many authors address poverty within suburban communities as well; with discussions of suburbanization- that poverty is moving from cities to suburban areas as if the major problem of poverty is no longer an urban problem. However, a large proportion of residents in urban cities are poor compared to poor residents living suburbs. In the article Sampson “Neighbourhood and community: collective efficacy and community safety” Sampson discusses collective efficacy and community safety he believes if residents within the community control behaviors happening in the community and persons’ in the community can control behavior for a safer environment. He says he mostly focuses on “policy-related ideas that are tied mainly to crime and public safety, and do not rely excessively on formal mechanisms of control for example, mass incarceration that may ultimately erode the foundations of social capital and lead to the de-legitimation of government institutions in disadvantaged communities.” Inner cities in the United States generally have…
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