Addressing The Issue Of Test Anxiety With School Students Essay

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Addressing the issue of test anxiety with school students is crucial. Test anxiety is defined as feelings of tension and anxiety that interfere with the ability to communicate what one knows in a test situation. It can lead to school failure, poor self-esteem, and stress related physical ailments. Although it is natural to experience some degree of distress while being evaluated, some students ' previous negative experiences greatly effect their reaction to a testing experience. With the increase of testing in our schools, school counselors need to recognize the role test anxiety plays in student performance and help to implement effective strategies to assist students. It seems possible to do this through cognitive and theory, which will be discussed later in this paper. There are many effective strategies that teachers can implement to assist test anxious students. Teachers can employ formative factors, habitual prudence, purposeful learning experiences, and test-wise guidelines. Ascertaining test anxiety involves becoming more aware of the types of students with test anxiety so that they can develop, modify, and implement new repertoires in their assessment procedures. Using more formative factors in their assessment procedures lessens anxiety levels and enhances the instructional process. Finally, when teachers provide purposeful learning experiences and test-wise guidelines students are able to obtain maximum performance. Relaxation techniques and systematic

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