Addressing The Writing Issue At Future View Middle School

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Addressing the Writing Issue at Future View Middle School Addressing the writing issue to help at-risk students achieve better scores can be done by using different approaches, methods, techniques, and strategies. Some of the approaches and methods are reflected in the three discussed sources below. In their research study, Kapka, and Oberman (2001) focused on the writing process as an approach to foster the students’ writing skills. The targeted group of third and fifth graders scored low in writing due to their poor writing skills. To overcome this issue, the process writing with its five steps: pre-writing, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing was introduced. Even though this approach is a process, teachers dealt with students according to their different needs. Thus, students were given the freedom to choose topics of their interest. Besides, students were given the opportunity to write at different pace and with the flexibility of going back and forth through the steps. The results of this study showed the effectiveness of the writing process. Students at both schools gradually fostered their writing skills and acquired new ones, and this made their writing scores improve. France (2003) showed in his research study the effect of integrating technology on increasing students’ interest in writing. The problem of the targeted fifth graders was their lack of motivation in writing, and this will certainly affect their writing achievement level. As a result,
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