Adeline Last Letter

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I received this letter this morning and it fills me with pride and joy to find out Adeline is well and is working her way closer and closer to achieve her goals. She is doing what she had always dreamt of doing and is now taking her first major step by going to university, she has worked so hard despite all the hardships she has faced. It killed me a little inside to watch her be pushed away as though she is nothing, she knows they don't want her and no child should ever go through that.
That cruel Niang always picking on her, she has Joseph wrapped around her finger, she manipulates him and he is too naive to realise, he thinks she is doing the right thing by him and his children, yet deep down I think he knows what she is doing, however,
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It was my fault, I gave her the silver dollar to buy her friend, Wu Chun-mei, a gift for her birthday. Adeline had told me about her, about the storm she was trying to walk home in when they kindly offered to drop her home, it was a small gift of thanks. But that was what got poor Adeline caught and accused of these absurd things and to be punished for something that couldn't cause any harm, it was a birthday party for crying out loud... Let the girl live a little! you only get one life. Although she denied telling me their plans that they had informed her of once she had been caught, I could tell what they had in store for us, or for her… Sending her away from me, from my bad influence, how dare they think that. I have only ever put my all into protecting her and trying to give her the love and affection a young child needs and deserves.
How much I would pay to see her again, to see what she has become of, I never saw what everyone saw, the young broken girl with the horrible clothes, I saw a beautiful, intelligent and strong women who has faced more horrendous things then most grown people will see in their whole entire life, to hear the sound of her tinkling laugh and see her beaming smile that hid all her troubles brought me so much pride.I love her more than anything, I love her like she is my own
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