Adeline's Physical Development Report

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I will begin by addressing Adeline’s physical development. Physically she is on track if not even ahead of where she should be. By four months we expect birth weight to double, and Adeline who was born at seven pounds ten ounces, is now already at twelve pounds fourteen ounces at only two and a half months old (BOOK, 90). This means she only has two more pounds to gain in order to meet that four-month mark. She also is shooting up height wise. Born at a length of _____ she is now _____, which is way more than the inch and a half per month an infant is expected to gain (PARENTS). Her physical growth can be attributed to not only her dad’s lengthy genetics, but also that fact that she is breastfed. Babies that are breastfed are more likely…show more content…
Motor reflexes are any kind of automatic movement that an infant has from birth up to three months (BOOK, 101). Now since Adeline is two and a half months she is obviously past the two-month spot, but is not quiet to the three month. Therefore, some of the things I wanted to observe could have gone either way. The first reflex I tested out was the reflex to maintain oxygen (BOOK, 100). I first explained to her mother what I would be doing, so she did not think I was trying to suffocate her child. To test out this reflex I gently placed a thin blanket over Adeline’s face and right away she thrashed to move it off, restoring a better airway. This is a reflex I would except to stay in place, since it is human nature to do this. The next reflexes I tested out surrounded feeding (BOOK, 101). Adeline had a positive sucking reflex, sucking anything that touched her lips, but a negative rooting reflex. The negative rooting reflex really surprised, but with further research I found out that this reflex usually disappears around three weeks (GRACE). The next reflex I tested out was the Babinski reflex, which was positive in Adeline (BOOK, 100). Adeline also had a positive stepping, swimming, and moro reflex, but a negative palmar grasping reflex (BOOK, 100). Once again, the negative sign of a palmar grasping reflex could be due to her age, and the…show more content…
From my perspective she was always taking in the environment using all of her senses, taste of course being a big one. Adeline would try to taste and place anything in her mouth that she was given. What surprised me though was the fact that if the object was not skin feeling and if she did not seem to get any value out of it she took it out of her mouth and put it down right away. Almost as if she was able to perceive that it would not feed her or do much for her. Her eyes never were fixed on one spot for longer than a few minutes either. She constantly was looking around, really observing everything that was around her. By two months Adeline is able to not only stare at faces but also start to perceived them and by three months, she will start to focus more on the eyes and mouths (Book, 98). She is already at the three-month mark though, as both her mother and I took turns making a smiley face and then a frowny face to which she changed her reaction. When we smiled her eyes opened up bigger and she had a social smile on her face. When we frowned she did not smile and got a look of sadness on her face as well. You could tell cognitively that she was really starting to perceive and interpret what our faces meant. Hearing, which develops in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy, was another way she took in her environment (BOOK, 97). Adeline was more likely to react and look to human sounds, than those that
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