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Historical Background
Elsa Schiaparelli was born on September 10, 1890 in the Palazzo Corsini in Rome, Italy.
She was born to a very affluent family background, with her father being a professor of oriental literature. Her mother was a descendent of the Medicis.
Throughout her childhood she strove to push the limits, constantly retaliated against her parents
She attended the University of Rome, where she studied philosophy
There, she wrote a book of debauched poems. Much to the shock of her parents, they sent her to a convent to reform her behavior. In order to leave, she initiated a hunger strike and fled to London to work as a nanny.

Historical Background
In 1914, she met and married Count William de Wendt de Kerlor. The couple eventually
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Through this friendship, Elsa made connections with other avant-garde artists and helped her to become greatly involved in the Surrealist movement
After her divorce, Elsa moved to Paris with her daughter, who had polio.
Due to the influence of seeing rich colors, and embroidery present within clothing since childhood, Elsa began to pursue fashion as an artistic outlet.

Historical Background
She opened her first shop on 4, rue de la Paix, and named it “Schiaparelli-Pour le Sport”
The item that catapulted her to fame was a knit sweater with a tromp-l’oeil motif. Tromp-l’oeil was an art form where 3-dimensional images where depicted on flat surfaces using shading and other depth-forming techniques by painters.
Like fashion, Elsa’s designs constantly changed with time, with her continuously reinventing her styles.
She was very cognizant of the style of upper-class American women due to her time in New York and catered her designs somewhat to that.
Historical Background
In 1954, she closed her fashion house and takes time to focus on writing her autobiography.
She remained in fashion, however, making wigs and accessories until her death in 1973.
Visual Form
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She created the first designer-based cologne for men, an extension of her Shocking perfume. Shocking was the first of its time and was quite controversial, due to its sexual images drawings on the front of the box.

Analysis of Diversity
Elsa’s collections catered to the upper class. Many celebrities loved wearing her creations, including Wallis Simpson, Audrey Hepburn, and even tennis star Lily d’Alvarez.
Schiaparelli also created looks for theatre and film performances. Her most notable creations were used for the film Moulin Rouge starring Zsa Zsa Gabor.

Analysis of Diversity
Schiaparelli was a trailblazer for women socially. Through her clothing she made bold statements and forever changed women’s fashion.
She was committed to philanthropic work and volunteered as a nurse during her time away from Paris during WWII.
Elsa was the first female designer to be portrayed on the cover of Time magazine in 1934. major feat for a woman.
She also made impacts on the American market when it came to European designers. She was the first European to receive the Neiman Marcus award for services to

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