Adequate Nutrition in Vegetarian Diets Essay

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Vegetarians have diets as safe and nutritious as non-vegetarian diets. Whether someone chooses a vegetarian diet to preserve animal rights or to improve his health, his diet can be planned and maintained. Every vegetarian diet is different from another, but as long as a vegetarian learns what foods to include in his diet, he can meet all his nutritional needs contrary to common misconceptions. With careful planning, a vegetarian diet can provide all the nutrients a human body needs.

First of all, to study vegetarianism everyone must have a basic understanding of the different types of vegetarians. Although every book and article discusses the categories of vegetarians slightly differently, a few large classifications remain
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The Vegetarian Sports Nutrition Guide by Lisa Dorfman states that “Animal products contain all essential amino acids, while plant products may be limiting in one or two. Most people don’t even realize that grains vegetables, soy, and nuts contain protein. That’s why the first question a meat eater asks when meeting a vegetarian is, ‘How do you get enough protein?’ (Dorfman 72). Many non-vegetarians would be surprised to find that vegetarians can consume enough protein in foods coming from plant sources because they assume everyone meets their protein needs by eating meat. Vegetarians need to become aware of the risks involved in protein deficiencies and where to find alternative protein sources so that they can add enough protein to their diets.

Every vegetarian needs to make sure to consume enough protein because of the devastating effects of a protein deficient diet. A protein deficiency, according to Dixie Farley in an May 1994 issue of FDA Consumer Magazine, “…in children can impair growth and in adults can cause loss of hair and muscle mass and abnormal accumulation of fluid” (Pluses 2). Although these problems occur in protein deficient diets, protein deficiencies do not commonly occur. Editors of Vegetarian Times state that “…protein deficiency in this country is so rare that many nutritionists and doctors wouldn’t even know the symptoms if they were faced with them” (Editors

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