Adequate To Recognize A Person Essay

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A Second is Adequate to Recognize a Person It is a powerful saying that one’s company has a strong impact on one, for it can have a huge influence on how one thinks, feels, or perhaps behaves. Therefore, it could be inferred that the culture that one hangs out in becomes one’s persona. Along those sixteen years, I have bumped into many people, many friends, and many influential personalities, thus I can tell for a fact that I have grasped something from each human being. Only after, I have analyzed them as having a negative or a positive impact on me. Taking two cousins an example, I have not interacted with them much due to differences in our geographical location; however, the time we spent together was enough to determine the aura they…show more content…
Starting off with Zahbia, she went to a private school which emphasized education, and laid aside fashion and social gatherings. Her parents, in particular, cultivated an academic environment at home, as I have witnessed Zahbia spending consecutive hours studying for an upcoming test, absolutely ignoring her surroundings. However, I have also witnessed Rimsha spending consecutive hours getting ready for school or an event, absolutely ignoring her grades. Since Rimsha attended a coed school, and her friends circle consisted of mostly “rich girls,” she was always into getting the best accessories according to the latest fashions. I vividly remember the time when our extended family was getting ready to attend a reception, and I was specifically tieing my headscarf, when Rimsha remarked, “You are going to wear the headscarf to a wedding as well? I mean it ruins your beauty...Look at me.” At that moment, I was literally speechless not only because I was told something negative about my appearance, but because Rimsha ,pursuing the same religion as me, made such an objection. This highlights the extremities between the ambiences in which Rimsha and Zahbia have grown up. Nevertheless, they both, to this day and very hour, remain my cousins on the maternal side. With wholly counter atmospheres and interests, their
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