Adhd : A Part Of The Western Culture

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Introduction ADHD is indeed a part of the Western Culture. People are familiar with the term, treatment and some behaviors that ‘shows’ its existence; and since it has become part of the culture itself it is considered as something relatively normal -or at least common. Both sides of the debate agree on the fact that the behaviors called ADHD do exist, but is it a biological disease? A conduct disorder? Or are we as humans trying to narrow our behaviors in the way where anyone who is not as ‘efficient’ as us are considered to be ‘sick’? Summary The first reading stated all the studies that have been conducted on the topic, and was supported with data about how ADHD is a ‘real’ psychological disorder and not just a ‘made up’ psychological disorder. It stated that around between 3 and 5% of children have ADHD, and to diagnose it, parents, teachers and doctors usually get involved. If the child shows and underperformance compared to his/her pears, it might be a sign that it needs medication to perform equally. This makes sense since medicating the kid would bring it to an equal performance condition than their classmates, which sounds perfectly understandable. Also AHDH affects in other areas of the kids life, not only in the schoolwork. Medication sounds like the ‘solution’ to this problem, but over 50% of people medicated as a kid will still need it to perform as adults. This first reading agrees that the medication also hides side-effects, and that the best proven way to
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