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As a child, I have always been taught to trust the doctor because, “The doctor knows best”. As time went on and now a mother, I find that statement to be very misleading. You always hear and read different stories about doctors’ who diagnose a patient’s problem to early, and those who just make mistakes and misdiagnose a patient completely. That’s why I choose to do my paper on Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, better known as ADHD. According to Carey, 1 to 2 percent of children likely have a brain malfunctions that warrant classification of something like ADHD, but that another 5 to 10 percent who are diagnosed with ADHD should not be (Carey, 2002). ADHD is a psychological disorder in which the individual shows one or more of the…show more content…
As a child I know that seeing a therapist, just someone to talk to did me good. I mean it took me awhile to get us to the idea of telling a totally stranger my business but eventually I came around. Once you establish a certain level of trust with you therapist, hopefully the issue at hand can be identified. Communication with your child is vital and often over looked. To me I would consider that one of the ways to understand what going on in your child’s busy brain. They might need to express their energy in a different way from you and I, just to concentrate on a task. Certainly I would rather my child get sweaty from running around the block a couple times to we’re off some energy than to be a “zombie”. So before you take your child to see a psychiatrist and they get prescribed a pill. Just know that poor judgment of parenting can not only have a mental effect on your child but also a physical effect. Barkley and others (2002) noted that in the study that they conducted from youth with ADHD experience a higher dropout rate from school, fewer friends, becoming pregnant as a teen, contracting a sexual transmitted infection, and engaging in antisocial behaviors. To me that solution is lazy on the parent’s behalf and should be consider as bad parenting. I mean it isn’t the child’s fault that the parent doesn’t have enough time, or lack the improper skills to raise a child. In conclusion,

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