Adhd ' T Score On Hyperactivity

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There was one category that Daireus rated himself in the Clinically Significant range. Daireus ' T score on Hyperactivity is 70. This indicates that he feels that he frequently engaging in restless and disruptive behaviors. There were six categories that he rated himself in the At-Risk category. He rated himself At-Risk in Atypicality, Anxiety, Depression, Attention Problems, Hyperactivity, and Self-Reliance. Daireus ' T score on Atypicality is 63. An At-Risk score in this area suggests that occasionally having unusual thoughts and perceptions. Daireus ' T score on Social Stress is 64An At-Risk self-rating in this areas indicates Daireus feels that he has some difficulty with establishing and maintaining close relationships with others, and reports sometimes being isolated and lonely. Daireus ' T score on Anxiety is 64. This indicates suggests that he may substantial worrying, nervousness, and/or an inability to relax. DAIREUS 's T score on Attention Problems is 64. Daireus reports having some difficulty maintaining necessary levels of attention. The final area of At-Risk rating was in Self-Reliance. Daireus ' T score on Self-Reliance is 30. This score indicates that Daireus’ feels he has a low confidence level in his ability to make decisions, solve problems, and/or be dependable, when compared to others his age. There were six Critical Items that were indicated on his Self-Report: Sometimes I want to hurt myself. True Other kids hate to be with me. Sometimes I
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