Adhd : The Tears, The Troubles

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Conor Crowley 1/15/15 ADHD: The Tears, The Troubles, The Triumphs In Dedication and Apology to Mary Scimone, Trumbull High School, and all it’s Denizens By Conor Francis Crowley ADHD is a very different beast, to be perfectly frank. You may have heard whispers and statements on how it leads to ‘hyperactivity’ and ‘impulsiveness,’ but it goes a little bit beyond an overzealous person. Sometimes, you say words you don’t exactly mean, words that come out of your mouth that you instantly wish to take back and erase. This innate fear is justified, as I have come to fear incarceration for saying the wrong thing. Now you may be well aware of the dos and don’ts of a human’s sentence memory, but for kids with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, the lines can be a bit more blurred. In fact, you could be arrested for “hate speech,” intentional or not; according to Doctor Barbara and Fletcher, it’s a good 22.5% chance that you could be arrested if you have ADHD. That scary… but even then, there’s a chance. There’s a chance that you don’t even have to worry about it, provided you know what to say. There is a chance, and there always will, that you could rise above your disabilities and become something greater; something I strive to do, now that I saw the gravity of my decisions. And before I go onto this long discussion about ADHD, it’s tears, it’s troubles, and it’s triumphs, I’d like to state something. If your name is Mary Scimone, Tony Scimone or Megan Crowley, if you are a
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