Adhd, Whether or Not to Medicate a Child

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ADHD, Whether or Not to Medicate a Child
Samantha Edmondson
September 21, 2014
Laura L. Griepp

ADHD, Whether or Not to Medicate a Child
With the diagnosis of ADHD in children becoming such a controversial subject because of the medications that doctors prescribe; parents have difficult decisions to make. My son, T.J., has had ADHD since he was five years old, and has had many trials and tribulations with the medication that his doctor placed him on to help with the issues that come from ADHD. The medication has made him very violent with his little brother, and he has had emotional episodes to the point of hospitalization and has also excelled in school because of the choice that I made to place him on the medication. For
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The risk of giving the medication is the problems with loss of sleep, and the messing up of their sleep schedule altogether. And finally, a benefit of giving the medication is how it can help a child live a normal life by making them feel normal while on the medication. A risk of giving the medication to a child can be that they become more emotional than they normally would. After learning about some of the benefits and risks that the medication has on a child, now a parent must decide if it is the right treatment plan for them, and also learning about whether it is a real disorder.
There has been so much controversy around the diagnosis of ADHD. There is also a big debate about whether a child has a disorder or not. There is also a huge controversy over whether a parent should give their child the medication that a doctor prescribes for the disorder. Once parents finally decide to place their child on the medicine. They are making the decision that they feel is the best option for their child. Other parents may decide that other treatment options may be better to begin with to see if they cannot fix the problem therapeutically instead. Parents that decide that medicine is the best route may feel that their child would benefit from it, and that benefits outweigh the risks. Whereas to parents that decide otherwise; feel that their child is not that severe with the ADHD, and can handle trying other ways to deal
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