Adhering to The Lottery by Shirley Jackson

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“Adhering to Lottery” In “The Lottery” Shirley Jackson writes about the game lottery, which makes the story very ironic. Unlike all of the other Lottery games, in this traditional version no one wants to be chosen, because that brings them the end of their life. Jackson explains how keeping up with some traditions that are part of people’s life, may not be the best choice to embrace a particular culture. Jackson uses the Lottery as an example to express her idea about the ethical issues such as; violent murder, harming people, forcefully following a tradition, and lying. All of these ethical issues are created by blindly following tradition in “The Lottery.” Jackson starts the story with introducing the town and people to the readers. At the beginning of the story, it doesn’t seem like anyone is going to be killed. All the villagers are calm and relaxed. Kids just got out of school; boys are gathering stones, while girls are stalking them with their eyes and talking about them. Men are talking about their jobs and smiling at each other’s jokes, and Women are gossiping. As the readers get closer and closer to the end of the story, they realize that this Lottery is very different from a normal lottery game. As much as these people look calm and relaxed on a beautiful sunny day, they are cruel, violent, harmful, and socially ill. These villagers are blindly following a tradition, which makes them to kill each other in one of the most violent ways. They are aware of their

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