Adidas : A Competitive Company

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Company Overview Adidas was registered as a company Germany, 1949. They are a multinational corporation now that produces sports clothing, casual clothing, sports gear, and accessories. Adidas are a holding company which means that they own other companies. The companies that are under Adidas groups are Reebok Sportswear Company, Taylor Made-Adidas Golf Company, Rockport Company, and CCM-Hockey. Each of these Companies under Adidas Company produces different or some similar materials for sale. Reebok creates footwear, apparel, and accessories. Taylor Made creates golf Equipment like metal woods, irons putters, golf balls, footwear, apparel and accessories. Rockport creates Dress, casual and outdoor footwear, apparel and accessories. And CCM-Hockey makes Hockey equipment and appeal. Adidas is the second biggest sportswear company in the world and are the first biggest in Europe. Their Executive Board consists of four leading members. Each person is in charge of a major business area within the executive group. They choose to use sustainability as their mission statement. Their goal is to be a sustainable Company that knows it’s responsibilities toward their employees, the environment, and the people who make the Adidas products. Their vision and mission statement is to “reflect the principles of business integration and operational excellence” which basically is where their Company starts off to set other motives for their Company. Adidas three main values are

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