Adidas International Global Media Manager

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“Brand in the hand” is a new marketing strategy developed by Adidas International global media manager. This new campaign is based on the merging of cell phones and wireless internet. This campaign presents company background information, data on the penetration of mobile devices such as cell phones, the growth of global mobile marketing practices, and several mobile marketing communications campaigns that Adidas launched in 2004, such as a mobile news ticker for the 2004 European soccer championship. Introduces a specific campaign--Respect M.E.--featuring Missy Elliott, a popular female hip-hop artist, and discusses the company 's mobile marketing strategy to support Elliott 's new line of sportswear.
What is Adidas’ position in the athletic shoe market?
Starting out post World War II, Adidas was an important provider of the national German soccer team. Later, Adidas they changed their marketing approach to expand their products to “fringe sports,” such as high jumping and bobsledding. By the 1990s, Adidas secured their global sales on soccer footwear. In 1998, Adidas began to focus on the U.S market. By sponsoring some famous basketball players such as Kobe Bryant and by doing so Adidas was able to gain doubled market share.

What evidence does Adidas have that suggests the importance and potential success of digital interactive and mobile marketing?
Coca-Cola’s Flashernpost campaign in Europe is the most decisive evidence in the potential success of digital and

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