Adidas : Marketing Strategy With Hip Hop Rapper Kanye West

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Adidas, the brand with the three stripes, has to be a brand that is well sought after by consumers. The company has been established since 1949 in Herzogenaurach, Germany (Adidas-Group), however, the brand has soared in the past couple of months. This is because Adidas has recently paired up to collaborate with well known western musicians, like Kanye West and Pharell Williams. That is not to say that Adidas has never collaborated in the past, in fact the brand is known to be one of the biggest companies to collaborate with artists (Adidas-Group). These artists includes Rick Owens, Yohji Yamamoto, Raf Simons, etc. However, Adidas has climbed up to the top as a result of their collaboration and marketing strategy with hip-hop rapper Kanye West. It is the brand’s encoding of the music/rap culture and idolizing West, which is the very reason their profit has skyrocketed. Adidas has encoded their products to shape its consumers to become, or to feel as if they are Kanye West himself with their newest sneaker called the “Yeezys.” The Yeezys are West’s personal design used with Adidas’ “boost” technology, and not only are the sneakers eye-boggling for its consumers, but it’s also marketed as comfortable and for everyday-wear. On top of that, Adidas and West have decided that the sneakers should be limited, which they then announce a specific date to release the product, world-wide (Adidas). This marketing strategy is to create an environment for West’s fans and consumers, the

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