Adidas Performance At The Water Tower Place

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Intro: Our research team has been tasked with observing the Adidas performance store located at the Water Tower Place. Adidas is a German multinational company that manufactures athletic wear, shoes, and accessories. The company started in 1924 and has since expanded globally and currently employs over 50,000 people (Torry). The company markets and sells their products in retailers, as well as their own stores around the world. Adidas is a publicly traded company that had 14 billion euros in revenue in 2013 and is currently has an approximated market value of 18 billion euros (Annual Report). Adidas mainly specializes in soccer wear, but has broadened its product focus to basketball and conventional western athletic wear as well. In 2005, Adidas bought Reebok in order to expand their influence and enter into different markets (NBC news). They also sponsor athletes such as Lionel Messi, who has large influence on a European culture, as well as Derrick Rose, who has helped raise awareness of their brand in western culture. From a competition standpoint, Adidas’ three largest competitors are Puma, Nike, and Under Armour. Historically, Adidas and Puma have the longest rivalry, dating back to 1948. Adolf & Rudolf Dassler originally started Adidas and Puma as a family company, but eventually had had a fallout, causing Rudolf to leave and take over Puma himself (Torry). Currently, Nike is Adidas’ largest competitor from a global business standpoint. Finally, Under Armour is an

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