Adios, Nirvana by Conrad Wesselhoeft Essay

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“When you piss off of a bridge into a snowstorm, it feels like you're connecting with eternal things…” this was the first quote that struck my mind with a great force while reading Adios, Nirvana. in this dramatic novel, a 16 year old boy named Jonathan overcomes the suicidal thoughts to join his dead brother, Telemachus, who died to a bus accident one night while getting johnathan some cold medicine. In the beginning of the book, jonathan immediately attempts suicide by jumping off of a bridge,but to his surprise, he survives. after this the author describes the personality of the boy: a depressed teen who doesn’t get enough sleep and relives his stress through poetry and music. The way he interacts with other characters in the beginning…show more content…
but he ended up doing part of it alone and part of it with help, which was when he found the silver lining in between the two. Meanings “Thick” (pg.1) Denotative: having a close relationships to another person\group of people Connotative: friends, family, “thickness is forever” “Chaos” (pg.13) Denotative: a section in “the tales of telemachus”- a poem book that jonathan is writing Connotative: beginning of a new, after all of the “chaos”, more comes in, but it is different than the one before “float a turd” (pg.32) Denotative: the greeting that anges, the 99 year old “oracle of delphi”, gives to jonathan every time he enters her room. Connotative: shocked in a good way, but yet disgusted kind of like like a “go ***** yourself” remark. “ruby” (pg.41) Denotative: the nickname of jonathan's guitar Connotative: a girls name, sort of like jonathan’s “unofficial girlfriend” “the ric” (pg.62) denotative: the guitar that the vedder gave to jonathan’s school to honor Telemachus. Connotative: a token of gratitude, a symbol that represents Telly’s love for the guitar. “taurine”(pg.83) Denotative: a chemical found in the stomachs of bulls. Connotative: anti-sleep liquid, almost like fake energy “crossing the river styx” Denotative: Gupti’s favorite song by pinky toe, which jonathan has to play at the graduation ceremony. Connotative: going from life to death, good to evil, yin to yang. “Adios, nirvana” denotative: the title of the book Connotative:
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