Aditations And Disadvantages And Disadvantages Of Social Media

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Sedition Of BERSIH Information is a source where people will get knowledge and ideas about something that they will do. They need the right information to be disseminated to the public so that the information submitted does not conflict with the real situation. Other than that, to prevent the spread of false information , they should check out the validity of such information whether it is authentic or has been processed correctly. Social media is a medium where information can be disseminated quickly and widely with the growing technology .For further understanding of the meaning of social media, firstly we need to understand the purpose of the media. Media is a tool that use to communication such as radio or newspapers.Social media is a social application that is used to deliver information over the Internet through the application of facebook, twitter, myspace, blog and others. Many benefits can be utilized when using social media, and one of them makes it a medium for marketing a product, because it is more efficient and easier for the user to know the latest products released today. In addition, there are disadvantages in the use of social media and one of them is…show more content…
Traders, taxi and bus operators including travel agencies are increasingly worried their business will be affected. In addition, as a result of the rally will show a bad example to the children who do not know anything about politics, and they only see this rally as the riots that will affect their minds toward negative actions. Parents are the people who are responsible for what happens to their children in the event of illegal assembly because listening to incitement of certain parties to change the existing state. Parents should play an important role for their children in choosing any action and thought the risk would happen if they made a mistake in the

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