Adjustment Disorder With Mixed Anxiety And Depressed Mood

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Adjustment Disorder is a psychiatric setting that is consists of different subcategories. In a category where anxiety and depressed mood is involved, different treatments are given depending from person to person. In this particular research, the main focus is the Adjustment Disorder with Mixed Anxiety and Depressed Mood. Symptoms, treatments, etiology, and prognosis will be tackling in this research paper. Because this research is a personal experience of a loved one, some information is pertaining to that person to help readers understand his experience. That being stated, the specific stressor for this disorder was a work injury that was neglected by the authorize people under Worker’s Compensation. Symptoms of this particular disorder are very apparent and needing monitoring and support as it could lead to a completed suicide.

Adjustment Disorder with Anxiety and Depressed Mood The adjustment disorder is a diagnostic category characterized by an emotional response to a stressful event. It is a state of subjective distress and emotional disturbance, which arises during the course of adapting to stresses of significant life changes, stressful life events, serious physical illness, or the possibility of serious illness (Patra & Sarkar, 2013). In a busy work place, chances are, there will be accidents that can occur. To the employer, and the worker’s compensation, they might not realize that an employee’s injury can lead from a mild to a severe disorder. My husband had a…
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