Adjustment Disorder with Depressed Mood Essay

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Adjustment Disorder with Depressed Mood

Research was conducted to investigate Adjustment Disorder with Depressed Mood, and some causes, affects, and treatment approaches. Not all individuals manifest or demonstrate the same depressive symptoms, which can make it difficult for clinicians to diagnose and treat. The American Psychiatric Association has categorized various depressive disorders in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders fourth edition (DSM-IV, 1994). Researchers have investigated the validity of the DSM diagnostic criteria over the years, and have studied various treatment approaches. The treatment approach found to be most effective and used most often for treating depression is Cognitive and
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The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders fourth edition (DSM IV), identifies clinical depressive disorders by diagnostic categories. Adjustment Disorder with Depressed Mood is the diagnostic term used in the DSM IV, to identify a relatively mild form of depression (DSM-IV; American Psychiatric Association, 1994). The focus of this research paper is on Adjustment Disorder with Depressed Mood, and the treatment approach found to be the most effective. This research will include: (a) DSM-IV: validity of diagnostic criteria, (b) Adjustment Disorder with Depressed Mood: cause & affect, and (c) treatment approaches: effective methods.
DSM-IV: validity of diagnostic criteria Clinicians need to be able to differentiate between various depressive disorders in order to properly diagnose and treat them. The information in the DSM-IV allows clinicians to differentiate between the normal depressive mood state and those abnormal states that merit clinical intervention (DSM-IV; American Psychiatric Association, 1994). How valid are the criteria in the DSM-IV? Over the years there have been several studies conducted that have validated the DSM classification system and the diagnostic criteria for adjustment disorders, which includes Adjustment Disorder with Depressed Mood (Snyder, Strain & Wolf, 1990; Andresen & Wasek, 1980; Andresen & Hoenk, 1982). The DSM-IV not only