Essay on Adkar Model and Kotter’s 8 Step Change Model

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Adkar Model

The models of change that I have chosen to describe are the ADKAR model and Kotter’s 8 step change model. The ADKAR model is mainly used to help identify and drive change as well as a tool to understand any gaps that are needed to strengthen along the change process. It is also a useful framework for planning change within an organization, before implementation, and in the execution phase of the change management process. This process begins with five key goals that are the basis of the model; awareness of the need to change, desire to participate and support the change, knowledge of how to change, ability to implement the change on a daily basis, and reinforcement to keep the change in place. Each step in the ADKAR model
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You also must form a powerful coalition and create a vision for change. This begins with strong leadership and effective communication skills in order to communicate your vision. Another step in the process is to remove obstacle or barriers that may block or prevent change from happening. You must also motivate the team along the way by creating short term goals, building on change and anchoring the changes in corporate culture. Kotter put an emphasis on step one which is creating urgency for change. You must be convincing and open when presenting this change to your team to gain their support. It is important to give scenarios, show the benefits of making this change and the drawbacks of not making the change. The second step is to form a powerful coalition. This step requires strong leadership of someone that can take the bull by the horns and build a team of key people that work together to build momentum for the need for change. The third step is to create a vision for change. This step involves help of the coalition to spread the vision to others as part of the strategy to execute it. It should be short, sweet and to the point. Your vision speech should be strong, clear, and practiced. The fourth step is to communicate the vision. It is important to apply your vision to all aspects of the business which may include company newsletters, banners, or throughout the
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