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ADL 01 Amity University

Principles and Practices of Management ADL 01
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The organization of this book is made according to the functions of management. Managers are the ‗coordinators‘ in the organization. They are the individuals charged with examining the workflow, coordinating efforts, meeting goals and providing leadership. Chapter one of the book examines managers and management. It covers management theory and practice. Chapter two discuss planning functions in detail. Successful managers deal with foreseen problems, and unsuccessful manager‘s struggle with unforeseen problems. The difference lies in planning. The chapter three explores the organizational context in which managers operate. Organizing is important to managers because it is the means which they use to align work with resources, so that organizational plans and decisions can be made and carried out effectively. In Chapter four, we will first define the basic human resource management functions. Further, each of the elements in the staffing process is discussed in detail. Staffing is the process of attracting, developing, evaluating and compensating individuals at work. In fact the most important duties of human resource managers are to help the organization reach its goals through effective and efficient utilization of human resources. Chapter five discusses directing. Direction is telling people what to do and seeing that they do it to the best of their ability. The chapter six first describes

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