Adlerian Theory : Alfred Adler's Goals Of Therapy

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Basic Philosophy The basic philosophy I enjoy learning about is Adlerian Theory. In individual psychology, Alfred Adler claims that a single "drive" or motivating force is behind all our behavior and experience, which he mention this motivating force is the ‘‘strive for perfection’’. This force to fulfil our potential is also similar to person-centered theory of self-actualization. As human being, we are never satisfy, whenever one thing is complete, there is something else to accomplish. There is this sense of always comparing one’s self to someone else in measuring one’s view of success. This idea is also another concept Adler mentions that we are driven to overcome our sense of inferiority. The directions to identifying the start of feeling inferior starts in one’s early dependence on parents. And since, everyone has a childhood they can recall, it’s a great place to start. Also, Adlerian therapy focus on the conscious more than the unconscious is important when discussing with clients childhood. As Adler would agree with the notion that the unconscious is nothing but a conception that is unknown and understanding an unknown motivation does not void an individual’s thoughts, feelings, and action.
Goals of Therapy Adlerian goals of therapy addresses the right concepts to discuss with one’s client, such as; reducing the feeling of inferiority, re-directing clients strive for meaning, and increasing one’s feeling of community. These three concepts stands out due to the
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