Adlerian Theory In The Movie Antwone Fisher

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Upon watching the movie Antwone Fisher, I found that Psychodynamic theory and Adlerian theory would serve well to treating the movie’s main character, Antwone. Antwone is an African American man who struggles with his emotionally unstable life. He joined the Navy after leaving Cleveland, but was plagued with anger and temperament issues which stem from his childhood. These issues, upon watching further into the movie, are associated with the emotional and physical abuse that was inflicted upon him via varying authoritarian figures from his foster family. These childhood issues have since caused Antwone to struggle finding a self-image and identity that he can call his very own.
Psychodynamic theory revolves around the perspective to attempt and gain an intuitive understanding of what transpires in the mind of an individual and how these thoughts ultimately drive the individual in an outward sense. Counselors who use this theory help the client to look into their personal relationships, the experiences due to their worldviews, and how their preferences affect their behaviors and personality. Antwone, upon being placed into therapy sessions was angry and clearly thought the course of action was a waste of time. To begin the process of conceptualizing Antwone’s problems, a psychodynamic counselor might ask about the relationships Antwone had as a child. Davenport, in the movie, asks Antwone where he is from with Antwone’s response being “Under a rock.” In the last of the three mandatory sessions, Antwone, once he begins to open up to Davenport, discloses that his father was shot to death a couple of months before he was born and his mother was in prison and had to give him up due to the circumstances. Antwone was then placed in a foster home with two other children, one older and one younger –the older brother is half Caucasian and half African American. Upon first disclosure, Antwone mentions that his foster mother would beat him and his other African American brother. When talking about his relationships with his foster family, Antwone eventually discusses how his foster mother’s cousin, Nadine, raped him when he was just six years old.
A counselor, such as Davenport, can parallel Antwone’s past

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