Adlerian Theory

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Journal #1 – Adlerian Theory Rubric #1: Personal Style and Counseling Theory 1. How congruent is the theory with your truth/personal philosophy? Alfred Adler said, “I would like to stress that the life of the human soul is not a ‘being’ but a ‘becoming’.” In my opinion, this quotation is a perfect summation of both what we have learned about the Adlerian theory and of my own personal philosophy for life. The congruency between my philosophy and the Adlerian theory was immediately apparent, because like Adler, I believe in a holistic and teleological approach to life. Adler believed in a holistic concept of looking at a person as a whole, rather than a sum of its parts unlike what Freud…show more content…
Adler believed encouragement to not only be a crucial factor in the client-therapist relationship, but also a crucial factor in human growth and development. Given the state of mind of an addict when entering treatment, he/she has most likely not received a lot of, if any encouragement in recent years. I would use my personal philosophy of trying to always see the good in people and see things from their perspective as a way of encouraging my clients. My ways of providing encouragement would also include meeting a patient where he or she was at, as I believe setting overly ambitious goals could be discouraging. I would also make sure not to compare the client to anyone, nor let the client compare themselves to anyone else. Comparison as a way of motivation as is discouraging rather than encouraging, and I believe it often backfires. I would also not focus on the client’s negative behaviors or mistakes as a learning tool, rather I would find ways to encourage their positive attributes. Perhaps most importantly, I would encourage the client to find the solution on his/her own or that very least give minimal input for my part. Being overly helpful or trying to do for the client what he/she could do
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