Adlerian Theory Paper

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Adlerian Theory The Adlerian Theory is a holistic view point that approaches the client as a whole, indivisible being who is capable of growth (Erford et al., 2016). I chose this theory because it provides a framework for understanding a person in his or her own environment (Dufenen, Henderson and Eckart, 2016). This theory can be applied to Deidre as well as help her through the issues that she has.

Two Interventions
The first intervention that I chose is Life Style Analysis. Adler thought that an individual’s basic orientation to life crystallizes in early childhood and the convictions established during this period are
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Encouragement is used to assist the client in understanding dysfunctional behaviors and overcoming inferiority by generating alternatives and using strengths and resources (Dufrene, Henderson and Eckart). This will help to Deidre to change the way that she feels about herself and the way that she views others. The counselor can also assist Deidre by providing a basic form of social interest. She is very awkward socially and thinks that others are judging her. She is also hard on herself and expects to be perfect. How Theses Interventions Could Help Deidre
Life style analysis can help Deidre to understand her outlook on life. She believes that there is not an issue but there is. She is stressed does not want to deal with her mother due to her constant mood swings. She likes a calm environment and her mother represents chaos. Her mother also but her down and she isolated herself when she wanted to escape. Deidre will have to learn to deal with her mother in order to deal with the stress that it is causing her. She has to admit that there is a problem and make the choice to deal with
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