Adlerian Therapy

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Adlerian Theory Alfred Alder, a contemporary of Freud, chose to distance himself from Freud and his theories of human behavior. Alder developed his own approach to therapy based on his belief that people’s behaviors and skills are a result of their experiences and emotions. This belief led to the development of the Adlerian Theory, also known as Individual Psychology (Seligman & Reichenberg, 2014). Core Constructs of Adlerian Theory Adler believed that people have a self-image that guides their decisions, and that their self-image is a direct result of their childhood. Adler also believed that people are socially motivated and that a person’s actions are purposeful and aimed at meeting goals (Seligman & Reichenberg, 2014). Adler…show more content…
This is done through a lifestyle interview process. In this interview, the therapist learns a wide variety of information about the client, including but not limited to birth order, early recollections, family constellation, parental influences, and meanings given to life (Seligman & Reichenberg, 2014). With the information gained in this interview, a therapist is able to guide the client to make changes based on interpreting their unique world view. There are several techniques that can be utilized within the Adlerian model to help a client beyond the revelations brought out through the lifestyle interview. Some of the techniques are catching oneself, pushing the button, spitting in the client’s soup, and as if (Seligman & Reichenberg, 2014). Therapeutic Techniques in Action One of Adler’s therapeutic techniques is the “as if” technique. With this technique, the client would act “as if” they were the person they desired to be. By pretending, the client will have a chance to alter the negative aspects of their private logic and see the preferred results of their actions (Watts, 2013). For example, Gina from our vignettes, is working towards being less selfish. Dr. Carlson could encourage her to imagine a situation where she would allow her family or friends to help her instead of doing it all on her own. The hope would be that she would realize that her feelings that no one will help her will be shown to be inaccurate and she can begin to
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