Adlerian Therapy and Gestalt Therapy: A Compare and Contrast

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Compare & contrast Adlerian Therapy and Gestalt Therapy Introduction This paper will carry out a comparative analysis of the two most important psychological therapies, the Adlerian Therapy and the Gestalt Therapy. Adlerian Therapy This therapy was named after Alfred Adler. Some of the main components of a person that are taken into consideration by the therapy include concepts of inferiority, superiority held by a person, social interests, likes and dislikes, lifestyles, priorities and birth order. These are some of the components of an individual's personality that make him or her unique. Views on Human Nature If the Adlerian therapy is summarized, it can be added here that the therapy is more of a growth plan. One of the main facts that is stressed by the theory is that human beings are in control of their own nature and that there should be a positive view towards the nature. Views that an individual has towards his nature leads him in having a good or bad faith. Being a child, a certain kind of lifestyle is adopted by an individual and this kind of lifestyle goes on in a consistent manner throughout his life (Carlson, Watts, and Maniacci, 2006, p. 45). Key Concepts of the Adlerian Therapy In accordance to the theory given by Adler, social interactions made by a person make important contributions in the larger community that may be beneficial on a larger scale. Level of the mental health of an individual is shown by the contributions that are made by an

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