Adlerian's Theory Of The Adlerian Theory

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Adlerian theorist emphasize in individual personality, which it focused on early childhood through adulthood. He explained that one of the reasons why personality starts to change in different ways; it is because you go through many experiences in your life. He also said, that personality cannot be defined or shape any individual by any of their experiences. Individual can be able to choose or decide what type of personality to grow or adopt with. Adlerian theory focused on birth order which means, the order of siblings you are in your family’s constellation. It emphasized on how your personality develops as the oldest child or the youngest child. Oldest child most of the time feel replaced by the next child and they do most of the time parents’ responsibilities with their siblings. As a baby child or sometimes call the youngest, most parents accept their negative behavior and most of the time they are the spoil child. These differences make each child unique and with an individual personality characteristics.
When children are treated differently by parents because of their children’s birth order, children tend to suffered from inferiority or superiority. Some children develop low self-esteem or depression because they feel unwanted by parents or siblings. In some cases, some parents have a motive and encourage home environment that allows their children to feel confident and they don’t feel like competing towards their siblings. Also, some children are treated by
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