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Final Exam ADM 2336 Sections B & C Organizational Behaviour December 10, 2006 Professor: Jules R. Carriere, Ph.D. CAREFULLY READ AND FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS: 1) Answer all questions. Write your answers computer readable answer sheet and follow the marking directions. 2) Books and notes are prohibited. All calculators, cellular phones and dictionaries are prohibited. 3) Do not ask the professors or invigilators to interpret the exam questions. 4) Do not remove the staple. 5) Return all examination materials (including the questionnaire) before leaving the examination hall. 6) Complete the peer evaluation form before leaving the examination hall. Statement of Academic Integrity The School of Management does not condone academic fraud, an…show more content…
The alleged price fixer felt that the reporter's stories about the trial were the product of a vindictive and nasty mind. The price fixer explained his own behaviour [BLANK] and that of the reporter [BLANK]. A) situationally; dispositionally B) dispositionally, dispositionally C) desperately, consistently D) situationally; situationally E) dispositionally; situationally 16) " I don't really like you very much, and this causes me to overlook a number of your good qualities.' This is an example of A) the halo effect. B) implicit personality theory. C) stereotyping. D) central tendency. E) harshness. Page 4 17) "He does it everywhere, he does it all the time, and no one else does it." Which attribution is the speaker likely to make? A) Dispositional B) Self-serving C) Actor-observer effect D) Temporary situation E) Situational 18) Which of the following statements about the cultural value of power distance is FALSE? A) In high power distance cultures the unequal distribution of power is acceptable to members of the culture. B) High power distance cultures tend to also be individualistic, rather than collective, cultures. C) Japan has higher power distance than Canada. D) Superiors tend to be accessible in low power distance cultures. E) Denmark has lower power distance than Mexico. 19) In a collective culture A) it may be a good idea to reward groups rather than individuals. B) loyalty to one's family or clan are downplayed. C) interdependence is

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