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1. Why is the job market for administrative professionals growing? What effect do you think the economic downturn of 2008-2009 had on this field? Since the economic downturn of 2008-2009 recessions, the job market for administrative professionals in on the rise. The field is anticipated to grow because administrative professionals work in areas of the economy that are expanding and generating new jobs—such as education, social service, legal service, health care, and finance. With so many jobs lost during the recession and the recent turnaround in economy, employers are looking to refill those positions.
2. Where do administrative professionals work? Name at least two factors that would be the same and two factors that would be different
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Employers are responsible for ensuring all their employees receive the tools, equipment, and supplies needed to achieve the duties assigned to them. They should treat employees with respect, pay them fairly, and provide safe working condition.
7. How would you describe the culture of the institution in which you are taking this class? How does your class reflect this culture? The culture of Texas State Technical College is a diverse educational institution with many students that possess unique skills. This class reflects TSTC’s culture because it offers a learning opportunity for us to explore, enhance, and exercise the skills we have learned.

Skills, Attitudes, and Traits
Ways to improve
Communication is especially important to present and express ideas and information clearly and concisely in an appropriate manner whether oral or written.
Listening is a big part of communication that leads to fewer misunderstandings. Always communicate clearly, effectively and professionally
Interpersonal skills allow empathizing and understanding with colleagues and clients, leading to a better working environment which can be less stressful.
Treat your coworkers, customers, and management humane, with respect. Get along with others and provided appropriate support.

Today technical skills are a must, businesses rely on computer systems and standard office software is used for daily operations.
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