Administration and New Public Management

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J. Basic. Appl. Sci. Res., 2(4)3915-3919, 2012
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Journal of Basic and Applied
Scientific Research *Corresponding author: Hassan Danaeefard, Associate Professor, Public Administration, Tarbiat Modarres University,
(TMU), Tehran, Iran. Email:
The Streaks of New Public Management in Iranian Governmental Sector in the Frame of Privatization Policy
Hassan Danaeefard1*, Seyed Mahdi Alvani2 and Mohammad Reza Noruzi3
1.Associate Professor, Public Administration, Tarbiat Modarres University, (TMU), Tehran, Iran
2.Professor, Public Administration, Allame Tabatabaee University, Tehran, Iran
3.EMBA, PhD candidate, Public Sector Policy Making, Islamic Azad University,
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are some main matters of this strategy in public section.
New Public Management Theory, Iran and Privatization
In the idea of theorists [9], there is nothing as important as publicity of governmental organizations. The expression of "publicity" is an obvious symbol of public and private separation. We are going to investigate the dimensions of negative effect of modern governmental management on the publicity of administrational organizations. 3915
Danaeefard et al., 2012
1. New public management: Filling the gap between public and private
One common assessment of public service democracy is the evaluation of unique or fundamental qualities which are supposed to be the differentiating symbol of public and private. The insertion of new public management into governmental organizations exterminatesthe border between them because market, norms and unique standards of public service such as citizenship, responsibility, equality, confronting and justice toward them which Islamicgovernments and developed countries like America, England, France and Canada are supporters of, are rambled as some norms of business, competition, productivity and benefit existed [9]. The researches in some countries such as England [10], United States [11], Belgium, Germany, the Netherland and
Sweden [10] even in some of developing countries as Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, The Philippines and South
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