Administrative Analysis of Walmart in a Political Framework

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Student Network Resources Inc. ©2003-2011 Administrative Analysis of Wal-Mart in a Political Frame The political frame focuses on the pursuit and use of power in an organization. The type of organization does not matter, as any organization can have internal and external politics affecting it. Everything from a government organization to a small sole proprietorship business run from home can be subject to the workings of the political frame. In fact, politics are present whenever any person has to interact with another person, either face to face or remotely. Retail organizations are susceptible to this, as well, and the larger the organization, the more politics come into play. Wal-Mart, being a large organization, is no exception. This paper discusses the organizational structure of Wal-Mart in the political frame. One of the ways that people operate in the political frame is through the obtaining and use of scarce resources within the organization. Scare resources can include things like money (salaries or budgets), positions (such as promotions), larger offices, more office supplies, access to help such as secretaries, as well as intangible things like status, influence, and overall power within the organization (Bolman and Deal 18). Wal-Mart has plenty of resources because it is a large organization. However, those resources are concentrated in just a handful of people at the top of the corporate chain. Most of the resources do not flow down to the common store
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