Administrative Corruption Is Now A Buzzword For The Current Era Essay

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Administrative corruption is now a buzzword for the current era. It differs from country to country as it’s effects are varying on the basis of socio­economic and political structure and the proportion of a nation’s growth. It makes a public or, private organisation untrustworthy and increase nullification negligence and in society. Corruption has been the problem belonging ever since from the human civilisation.Corruption is not a new phenomenon Bangladesh. It got heavily engaged with the administrative and socio­political system of Bangladesh.

The word Corruption came from the Latin word Rum­pere which means breaking.”According to the words expression corruption occurs when something (rules,ethics,behavior,norm) is broken”(Mousavi & pourkiani,2013).WB and TIB asserted corruption as “misuse of power/authority for personal satisfaction”. Hence,Administrative corruption can be defined as misuse of administrative authority for private purposes by officials.It is a crime can cause harm to the social value system as well to the whole country ;economy,govenment,bureaucracy etc. Corruption in Public Administration is considered as the institutionalized personal abuse of public resources by civil servant. It is often related to public sector.Corruption in public policy setting,implementing,providing service are considered as administrative corruption.Administrative corruption can be exemplified with embezzlement,bribery,nepotism etc which have been continuing since the very

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